Product Notes

Product Notes 


We use industrial materials for our products. As a result, the pipes may have sharp metal edges and corners.

In addition, irregularities, scratches, scuffs, rust or similar minor damage may occur. These are deliberately allowed by us and are part of our industrial design.

The color of the tubes is either anthracite/grey or silver and can be a little lighter or darker due to the nature of the tube. Each product is unique and differs in appearance from other products of the same type.


If your product contains boards, these are either spruce or beech wood boards made of raw wood. These are deliberately not painted and untreated, which is also part of our industrial design.

oil protective film

The pipes show remnants of an oil protection film. This is necessary to protect the pipes against rust during shipping. You can clean the pipes with the enclosed cotton cloth. We recommend that you use petrol or oil cleaner. You should not use water, otherwise the pipes will become susceptible to rust.

felt furniture glides

We recommend that you attach the enclosed felt furniture glides to all areas where the product comes into contact with a wooden floor. This can become discolored through permanent contact with the metal parts.

Appropriate use 

Our products are home furnishings. They are designed to store your clothes, accessories, sneakers or similar items. Any improper use (e.g. sport or similar) is discouraged. Such can damage the product and affect its functionality. Our products are not designed for loads of this kind.

Load capacity

The load-bearing capacity of all products, with the exception of Munich, is specified with a maximum weight of 100 kg when used properly.

Munich is specified with a maximum weight of 8 kg.


structure of the products

There is a fundamental risk of injury from sharp metal edges and corners. We are not liable for this and would like to point out that the assembly of our products takes place at your own risk.

With the exception of the screw connections to the wall and floor for wall-mounted products, you should not need or use any tools when assembling your product.

We recommend that you only screw the pipes into the threads by hand. You should screw the pipe in firmly, but not as far as it will go. A piece of the thread should still be visible. Otherwise the thread can be damaged.

In the case of wall-mounted products, we also point out the following:

We supply universal wall plugs and screws that are not suitable for every type of wall. If you are unsure what type of screws or dowels are required for your wall, we recommend that you contact a specialist or craftsman.

If you decide to only screw your wall-mounted product to the wall and not to the floor, we recommend the following:

Screw the flange (the foot part of your product) out or in slightly to correct the distance between the product and the floor. So your product stands firmly on the ground.

We expressly recommend that you also screw products that are screwed to the wall to the floor. If you do not assemble your product as recommended, you do so at your own risk.

If you have any questions about our products, please send us an email


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