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Industrial Pipes

We use original industrial tubes for your clothes rail. You can choose between the colors black (dark) and silver (light).

Due to their nature, they have minor irregularities that make your product unique.

wall mounted

Warsaw is a Wall Mounted product. Therefore it is particularly stable and sustainable. Once mounted, it stands rock-solid and is just waiting for you to set it up.


Would you like the dimensions to be adjusted? We can customize the dimensions of our products, especially the width.

Simply send us a message using our contact form and you will receive your customized product. And at no extra charge! We look forward to your message.

The dimensions of the entire product are:

  • Height: 207cm
  • Depth: 55cm

We would like to point out a tolerance of 3 cm for the dimensions of the entire product.

scope of delivery

Next to the We also supply you with screws and dowels for pipes and connectors. You will also find gloves and a cotton cloth in your package to free your pipes from the protective oil film.

  • Tube
  • connectors
  • screws
  • dowel
  • Gloves
  • cotton cloth
  • felt gliders



Product Notes 


We use industrial materials for our products. As a result, the pipes may have sharp metal edges and corners.

In addition, irregularities, scratches, scratches, rust or similar minor damage may occur. These are deliberately allowed by us and are expressly part of our industrial design.

The color of the pipes is anthracite/grey and can be lighter or darker due to the nature of the pipes. Each product is unique and differs in appearance from other products of the same type.


If your product contains boards, these are spruce boards made from raw wood. These are deliberately not painted and untreated, which is expressly part of our design.

oil protective film

The pipes show remnants of an oil protective film. This is necessary to protect the pipes against rust during shipping. You can roughly clean the pipes with the enclosed cotton cloth. We recommend using petrol or oil cleaner for this. You should not use water, otherwise the pipes will be prone to rust.

felt furniture glides

We recommend that you attach the enclosed felt furniture glides to all areas where the product comes into contact with a wooden floor. Because this can discolour through permanent contact with the metal parts.

Appropriate use  

Our products are home furnishings. They are designed to store your clothes, accessories, sneakers and similar items in the most stylish way possible. Any improper use (e.g. sports or similar) is not recommended as it may damage the product and affect its functioning. Our products are not designed for loads of this kind.

Load capacity

The load-bearing capacity of the product when used properly is given with a maximum weight of 100 kg.


If you have any questions about Warsaw, please send us an email to:

Our customer support looks forward to helping you choose your product.


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